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Based on the beloved novel The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim, the story and lively musical score reflect its setting in post-Victorian London and in Portofino, Italy – the Jazz Age and the 1920s – romantic, lyrical, jazzy.


It’s a cold and rainy, post-war-London, February, 1922

In the London Times, a small classified ad appears:

“To those who appreciate Wisteria and Sunshine:
To let for the month of April - a medieval castle on
the Italian Mediterranean shore.”

“Haven’t you ever seen things in a kind of vision before they really happen?”
“Me? No. Never.”
“That’s the way I see us both. In a vision - there in Italy! April in this

      medieval castle!”

Life and love are about to bloom for four London women: Rose - neglected by her husband and hiding a secret desire; Lottie - full of life and a mischievous streak; Lady Caroline - a stunningly beautiful but jaded debutante; and Mrs. Fisher - a widow who believes her glory days are all behind her. These four ladies find each other and the castle of their dreams for one magical month on the Mediterranean. They seek a much needed antidote from their London cares, and what they find on the Italian shore awakens them to a world of beauty, ardor, and the joys of living. Love and comedy ensue when their husbands and lovers descend on the ladies’ heavenly retreat - where passions bloom in the Italian spring!

The Enchanted Aprilthe novel by Elizabeth von Arnim, has previously been the subject of two successful films and a stage play. In the hands of Evans and Leipart, von Arnim’s witty and insightful story and colorful characters, full of heart and humour – make for a fabulous New Musical Romance!





Original Art by Clare Piaget

ENCHANTED APRIL was commissioned by West Bay Opera, the highly respected opera company based in Palo Alto, California, with General Director Maestro José Luis Moscovich. WBO <http://wbopera.org> is the second oldest opera company in the western United States. 


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